CMH Disaster Preparedness 1) Decon/HazMat – Requires patient decontamination 
prior  to treatment (nuclear, chemical, biological exposure)

2) non-Decon – No patient decontamination (earthquake, 
train crash, conventional bomb)
Medical Staff Disaster Command
During a disaster response at CMH, three members of the
Medical  Staff will coordinate physician utilization and patient care.

Medical Technical Specialist: The Medical Technical Specialist manages
the big picture. Along with the Hospital Incident Commander, he assesses and regularly
reassesses the surge volume, quality of care, and adequacy of medical response.

Dr. Speitel (primary choice)

Drs. Levy or Frochtzwajg (alternates)

Physician Staffing Director: The Physician Staffing Director manages physician
tasking, coordinating where medical staff  members will be assigned for greatest effect
throughout the emergency event.

Updates lists of available physicians by specialty.

Monitors the ED’s and other treatment areas’ staffing needs.

Monitors inpatient physician staffing needs.

Monitors the CFH Clinics’ staffing needs.

Assigned by the Medical Technical Specialist.

Physician Credentialing Director: The Physician Credentialing Director
works with Medical Staff Office personnel to evaluate and facilitate non-Medical
Staff physician emergency credentialing.

Facilitates review of all volunteer physicians’ credentials.

Assists Medical Technical Specialist and Physician Staffing Coordinator

Assigned by the Medical Technical Specialist.
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