CMH Disaster Preparedness
non-Decon Disaster Staging
Facility staging for a non-Decon Disaster is more straightforward, requiring less equipment,
personnel, site security, and safety precautions.
Disaster Staging Home. References. Physician Call-In. Disaster Command. Standards of Care. Disaster Staging. START Triage. Since screening and cleaning for potential hazardous material contamination isn’t required, 
triage and treatment may occur nearly contemporaneously.

CMH Non-Decon Staging 2011.jpg
Patients with Minor Care injuries, statistically the largest group, will be staged at the
northern-most area of the parking lot, with hospital entrance via doors on the Loma Vista
side of the facility. This plan additionally facilitates the transfer of Minor Care patients to
buses for transport to CFH Clinics and other off-site treatment areas.

Immediate Care patients will be staged adjacent to the Emergency Department ambulance
bay for  rapid access. Delayed Care victims will be staged between the Loma Vista parking
garage and the MRI building, with hospital access via the main ED entrance and/or the
ambulance bay, depending upon numbers of  Immediate Care cases.

With inclement weather, staging will occur within the Loma Vista parking garage.